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drive labelsFinally A Way To Write On Your Flash Drives And Thumb Drives So You Know What’s On Them

Introducing the DRIVE Label Bands.  They are small pieces of flexible tubing sized to fit around almost any type of flash/thumb drive.  It’s pretty simple; you write on it what is actually on the drive then just slip it over it and there you go.  They don’t affect the use in any way and they are removable.  No more wondering are grandma’s photos on this one or this other one or the one that is at home on the dresser.   Try a few bags out today.  “You’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.”

drive label bands by braincrate productsdrive labels by braincrate









* Fits 99% Of All Drives
* Place On Drive Before You Write On It
* For Best Results, Use An Ink Pen And Let
* Dry For 30 Seconds
* Put on 2 For Larger Writing Area
* Tell All Your Friends

Note: These are NOT flash drives or thumb drives.  These are DRIVE LABEL BANDS for a way to write on your flash drives or thumb drives.




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