About Us

BrainCrate Products is the home of the Genuine Layman Rulers where it’s our job to capture your imagination and bring you the best in products that make life simply better.


Dave, our chief designer, is the type of person that's always trying to solve a problem.  And he was always doing it in such a way that he was creating something new, like a gadget or machine of some sort.  One of Dave's favorite sayings is, "if you want to find the quickest, easy way to do something, get a lazy person to do it."  Now whether he is lazy or not depends on who you ask.

BrainCrate Products was formed to be an outlet for the products that Dave has created.  A few of them are listed here but there quite a few more waiting in the wings for their time to shine in the spotlight.  We are a new company so we're starting with our products first but we do want to develop into an outlet for many products representing many inventors.  We see opportunities where others see obstacles.  The Genuine Layman Ruler is our flagship product and is really the invention that put us on this path.

Founder / Chief Designer

Dave Cook

I worked with my father in the janitorial business “Teds Janitorial Service” back in the late 70’s and all through the 1980’s as a teenager and my first real invention was when I designed and built a machine that distributed the wax stripper chemical onto the floor evenly and at a high volume without missing a spot. I will say that it worked really well and we used it a lot. I guess I have always been inventing. 


I’ve been in the sign industry since 1992 and the company I worked for we had to do a lot of innovating out of necessity so it really fueled my creative fire as I progressed and the sign company grew I noticed I was creating more products from scratch to accomplish certain task. 



I have always looked for ways to make things easier and to solve a problem. I’m just interested in being resourceful enough to find and use all the motivation and all the tools that are available to find the solution to a particular problem, as I see it.  Now every little problem I see I try to come up with a solution for and I always had an artistic flare so this is why we have such a diverse line of products.


Currently I hold a United States Patent, #D684,875, for “Ruler Design”, issued June 25th, 2013.  This is a design patent for the way The Genuine Layman Ruler  is designed and the way it looks. 


Photo taken in Pittsburgh  Pennsylvania while attending the Impex Invention Show June 2013.

Director of Business Development
Daxtyn Cook

Growing up around forward thinking professionals, I developed early on, a good sense of business and growing it to its fullest potential. I’ve always enjoyed being a part of a team and helping lead that team to greater heights. While I always help out where ever I might be needed, my primary role at BrainCrate Products is to grow product sales through marketing, promotion, and outreach. I help develop new relationships between the company and other merchants and distributers. I’ve always enjoyed and been skilled at working with all people and look forward to all new business relationships to come. 

My background is mainly in film and graphic design. After graduating from Spring Hill High School I attended Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. When I’m not working I enjoy all things outdoors, writing for film and television, and spending time with my family.

We have put together a host of products that are high-quality and affordable and may solve a problem.  Looking for something new, unique, useful or fun then let us bring you the best in products that make life simply better.