Stickeeez by BrainCrate Products

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Decorate your car, truck, motorbike, SUV, convertible, tractor, boat, camper, bicycle, 4-wheeler, school notebook, bedroom mirror, glass patio door, little brother (not across his mouth), helmet, refrigerator, or any other place you can think of that is smooth, clean and oil-free (may exclude your little brother). They are great for friends’ birthdays, when you want to get them something and don’t like them enough to tie up a bunch of money or you do like them a lot but just want to help them spice up their stuff or just as a gift to let them know you are thinking about them.

Our Stickeeez! are made with high quality vinyl, the same material they use for stripes on boats and airplanes and cars. This vinyl has a high-strength, permanent adhesive that will last for many years outside and even longer if used inside. They come with application material already applied and a set of instructions to help them go on as smooth as possible. The image will be only what you see in black, there is no clear background. Whatever you apply it to will be the background color.

For best visibility, use light colors against dark backgrounds and dark colors against light backgrounds. Usually lighter colors show up better on glass and car windows.




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