The Genuine Layman FLEXIBLE RULER made to conform to uneven surfaces

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The Genuine Layman FLEXIBLE RULER made to conform to uneven surfaces


The Genuine Layman PolyFlex Flexible Ruler is great for measuring on irregular surfaces and curved shapes.  Each line is marked, so there is NO guessing or counting lines!  It’s measuring made easy.


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The Genuine Layman Flexible Ruler is Measuring Made Easy!

This is a durable, flexible (PolyFlex Polycarbonate Plastic ruler) that is made to conform to uneven surfaces, and curved shapes at a glance. It has a thin, sleek, light-weight, tear resistant, water resistant, non-glare and easy to read surface in scratch-resistant colors.

Tired of measuring mistakes! Now it’s quick and easy measurement at a glance.

No guessing or counting lines! You do NOT have to know how to read a ruler.

*On the English side each line is marked, so again there are no guessing or counting lines!  Easy to read with 1/4,  1/8,  1/16,  1/32  labeled increments.

genuine layman polyflex ruler

*And on the bottom are different formulas.  It has all the formulas for converting millimeters and centimeters and inches plus square feet, square yards, all kinds of stuff used every day.

*Digitally printed for accuracy.

*Available sizes are 11.5″ (fits your notebook), 15″ and a 25″ and are 1.5″ wide and may be trimmed to length with a pair of scissors to fit your custom size and needs.  Yes it’s just that flexible.  NOTE: This is NOT a thick rigid ruler to use as a straight edge it is made to conform to uneven surfaces as it is thin and flexible.    

*Excellent for craft projects and the best educational tool for anyone who does not already know how to read a ruler.

*Perfect for use at home, office, classroom, or workshops

*Made in the USA



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