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Introducing The Easy Read Ruler™; No More Counting Lines And No More Guessing

(Bolingbrook, Illinois) Sunday July 2, 2014 ― Today, Victor Technology LLC announced the launch of the Easy Read Ruler™, a product that will change the way we measure.

The Easy Read Ruler™ has many small innovations that add up to a big difference in ease of use. On the English side, the 1/4”, 1/8”, and 1/16” hash marks are labeled to eliminate guessing and counting of lines. On the Metric side, both the millimeters and centimeters are numbered and the hash marks rise and fall making it easy to identify specific millimeter measurements. The English and Metric rulers start on the same side, making conversions as simple as glancing across the ruler. The Metric side is black and the English side is colored brightly so you never confuse one side for the other. Together, all of these changes result in a simple, quick, and accurate way to measure.

“As a company, we are always thinking about how to improve existing office and school supply products. We noticed that people often struggle using rulers. For some, the hash marks are difficult to see and identify.  Others struggle with fractions and don’t feel comfortable distinguishing between a sixteenth, and eight, and a fourth of an inch. We saw this as an excellent opportunity and designed the Easy Read Ruler™”, notes John Ringlein, President of Victor Technology LLC.

“The Easy Read Ruler™ is not only easy to use, it also looks great.  A sophisticated printing process is used to apply bold colors to a vinyl substrate with exceptional detail.  The vinyl is then laminated with a low gloss finish that reduces glare and resists scratches,” states Craig Riley, Marketing Associate at Victor Technology LLC.

The Easy Read Ruler™ comes in blue or pink with 12” plastic, 12” stainless steel, or 18” stainless steel material. The rulers are available for purchase through office supply resellers throughout the United States and Amazon.com.  Visit www.victortech.com for more information.

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Victor Technology has manufactured high quality adding machines and calculators since 1918 and has always been proud to be an American Company. Today, Victor has expanded to offer more than 80 unique and versatile products for the office supply industry with exceptional quality, ranging from desk organizing and enhancing accessories to printing, display and education calculators.

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